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The art, design and design layouts done by Chase Wilson. Please contact me if you're interested in having me do any design work for you: xstandforitx@gmail.com

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I whipped this logo for Empathy the other week as well. They’re currently recording their full length album, which I’ll be working on the art for it as well.


Also did a logo / shirt design for new Nashville band Orthodox. They don’t have any recordings up yet but they have two live songs on Vimeo that you should check out.



Recently whipped up a few designs for Detroit’s newest hardcore band, Hollow Earth. This band’s already making big waves. Check them out.


The In Fidelity Cheerwine logo I made, now on buttons. Pick one up at the next gig.

Rejected Pyramid Printing logo design. 2/3 of the dudes liked it but all 3 had to like it before it was approved.

Two different logo composites I made for this band Soul Radics. Another band that I did a design for that didn’t pay up after spending a good afternoon putting these together.

Logo for Music Business 2-Stroke. This is subsidiary group of Nashville’s Sinizine.net.

Logo for Music Business 2-Stroke. This is subsidiary group of Nashville’s Sinizine.net.

Shirt design for Seven More Minutes. They just put up three newer songs on their bandcamp. Check them out if you’re into pop punk.

Color and black and white versions of the new logo for Spaghetti Spaghetti Records.

Two logos for Brendan Donahue Photography finished tonight. He was really excited about both of the ideas I had so he bought both logos. Not complaining at all.

Logo for Foxmonk Pressing. This was made for a friend’s tape label.

This was a simple logo and/or one color shirt design for Florida hardcore band Break Ties. Not sure if the band is still active. I know Stevie moved back to Nashville.

Original logo design for We Are All.