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Stick Together 

I see Atl babes!

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Make offers to:

All of these are up for grabs and LARGE unless noted.

I will combine shipping. I will ship overseas.

I know some of these are worth money and some of these I just want to get rid of.

I’ll be taking offers all day and working out everything between people.

If you do or don’t see something please help me get the word out on these shirts.


Deathwish Records - Arched Logo

Bruteforce - Back To Hell (on blank Addidas shirt) - XL

Close Call - Medium

Bad Seed - Small

Cold World - Prison Tattoo (stain on front)

Calico System

Mind Eraser - Violent Noise

The Hope Conspiracy (on organic cotton tee)


Foundation - This Is War

The Warriors - The War

My Luck

Think I Care - Snake (B9 logo on back I think) - Medium

Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans Co. - Long Sleeve Button Up - XXL

Petition - Project X Rip

Love Is Red - Fence (some slight white paint on this)

Most Precious Blood - XL

Foundation - Gun (some fading on the print from washing)


Bitter End - Longsleeve

Backtrack - When I Open My Eyes - Small (slight staining on the front lettering)

Love Is Red - This Is My Life

Foundation - Keys

Righteous Jams - Longsleeve

Bracewar - Juggernaut (this shirt isn’t faded, iPhone take crappy pictures of red shirts)



Ceremony - White

Mind Eraser - Longsleeve - Medium

Mongoloids - Time Trials Reaper Longsleeve

Ceremony - Longsleeve

Trash Talk - Reflective print longsleeve

Mongoloids - Punk vest longsleeve

The Wrong Side - Noose

Cro-Mags - 20th Anniversary

Bracewar - Suicidal

Heathens - Eyehategod rip

RZL DZL - Party Animal (Stain from a firework explosion)

Lion Of Judah

Ceremony - Fists (original) - Medium

Cold World - Funky Men

Cold World - Juice Crew

Texas Is The Reason (American Apparel)

Cold World - Cold World Order

Creep Street - Praying Hands tie dye

Mind Rite - The Supremes

Kid Dynamite

Trash Talk - Gas Mask

Striking Distance

Stick Together

Cro-Mags - Tattoo

Bracewar, Bad Seed, Naysayer - East Coast Tour

Righteous Jams Crewneck (not sure how many of these were made but I don’t think it was very many)

Backtrack Hooded Sweatshirt

Mongoloids Time Trials Crewneck - Medium

Bracewar - Juggernaut Crewneck

RZL DZL - Illuminati (someone put a rusty nail in my washing machine so that’s what that stain is from)

Poster for the Naysayer, Stick Together, Dead End Path show at Rocketown back in January. The bands really liked the design. Also, if anyone is interested, the panther in the circle can be a shirt design for your band for a small fee.

Made this to promote both shows that happened on June 4th. Converge ended up dropping off the second show last minute. Original size: 11”x17”