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The art, design and design layouts done by Chase Wilson. Please contact me if you're interested in having me do any design work for you: xstandforitx@gmail.com

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Donnybrook and Alpha And Omega poster at old Rocketown last year. This was another poster that was supposed to be screened but we never got around to it.

These were two posters that were supposed to be screen printed but they didn’t get printed. The This Is Hell show ended up getting canceled anyways and I didn’t get to go to the Outbreak show.

A set of posters I made in 2009.

Button layouts for Nashville’s Modernhell. Alex did the drawings for these. I know some people haven’t given them a decent chance because of their name but if you haven’t listened to this band check them out. Easily one of the best bands in the south right now.

This was the original 4 color 12”x24” screen print poster I drew for the Ringworm show at Rocketown. I spent over a week on this and the Rocketown overlords said it was a little much and asked me to make a more “venue-friendly” version to post online and at shows. I really wish we had actually screened these because it was one of my favorite designs I’ve done.

Version 4 of the Ringworm poster before it got canceled and Ringworm got added to the Red Chord, Trap Them, Gaza show at Exit/In.

Made this to promote both shows that happened on June 4th. Converge ended up dropping off the second show last minute. Original size: 11”x17”