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Bane’s full set at The End in Nashville last night featuring some guest appearances by a few Cruel Hand members.

Defeater’s last two songs at The End in Nashville last night.

Unused Dead End Path knock off of an old Into Another design.

I don’t know what happened to them making this. Uriah said that he really liked it and wanted me to do another original design. Anyways, if anyone is wanting to used this design, buy it off me.

Dead End Path unused shirt design.

I made this design up a while back and hadn’t used it. It was originally for a show that got canceled and it was designed to be screened so I didn’t want it to go to waste. DEP never got back to me on either shirt design, so if anyone is interested this one is for sale. The black version is a three color and the white is two color.

Poster for the Naysayer, Stick Together, Dead End Path show at Rocketown back in January. The bands really liked the design. Also, if anyone is interested, the panther in the circle can be a shirt design for your band for a small fee.