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The art, design and design layouts done by Chase Wilson. Please contact me if you're interested in having me do any design work for you: xstandforitx@gmail.com

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#ActOfImpalement (at Tower 2 Shows)

#VanHagar (at Tower 2 Shows)

Insanely stacked show later this month at Exponent on the 30th. Help spread the word and come donate to these awesome 6 touring bands! #brightside #directhit #thecautionchildten #gilliancarter #guerrillapoubelle #glazedfl

Troyatholon quinoa black bean burger and these sweet potato fries are unreal. (at Burger UP)

#deathwish #deathwishfest #deathwishinc #converge #trapthem #codeorangekids #oathbreaker #modernlifeiswar #youngandintheway #doomriders

For those who missed out on some of these older designs, I put these 4 back up for pre order until Sunday night. Also added long sleeve and hoodie options for those who are interested. Also the black Tina shirts end on Sunday night as well so if you know anyone who was wanting them be sure to tag them and tell them to check out @conspireprints webstore. Conspireprints.storenvy.com

#Daisyhead in a packed house. Couldn’t even get inside to take this picture. @daisyheadtn @nosleeprecords

War all the time. 9/27

#FreeThrow @freethrowemo #freethrowemo (at Exponent Manor)

#SinaiVessel @sinaivessel (at Exponent Manor)

#YoullLive (at Exponent Manor)

#Wish @6131records (at Exponent Manor)

#AlienateYou (at Exponent Manor)

Tonight! Stacked show! Come rage! Be there at 7 to hang. Show starts at 8 sharp! Bring at least $5 for these 4 touring bands. Might have some drinks and snacks for everyone too.

#Braid @braidofficial (at The Southgate House Revival)